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Human Resources Payroll Center (HRPC)


HRPC Role Contact
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Payroll Manager Michelle Snyder 209-259-8871
Acting Payroll Manager Cristyn Aquino 209-756-5094
Academic Payroll Supervisor Andrea McDowell 209-205-6287
Academic Payroll Analyst Barbara Escobar 209-228-4395
Academic Payroll Analyst Jodee Wilson 209-228-4323
Academic Payroll Analyst Rachel Maldonado 209-228-3601
Acting Staff/Student Payroll Supervisor Cathy Simmons 209-228-7949
Staff/Student Payroll Analyst Jamie Dias 209-285-9175
Staff/Student Payroll Analyst Chelsea Pedretti 209-355-8065
Staff/Student Payroll Analyst Taylor Trevino 209-228-4385
New Hire In-Take Maribel Rivera-Bonilla 209-285-7592